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Manu Raghav



Media Relations
101 E. Seminary St.
Greencastle, IN, 46135-0037

Economics and Management

Associate Professor of Economics and Management


Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics of higher education, Human capital, Impact of class size on grades, Student loan debt, How early morning classes affect student performance


Manu Raghav's research focuses on the economics of higher education and human capital.

Particularly related to higher education, Raghav has researched and written papers published or submitted for publishing on the following topics:

• Impact of class size on students' grades: the smaller the class, the better the students' achievement measured by grades.

• Student loans and student loan debt: Higher education is an "increase-in-cost industry," leading to higher tuition.

• The effect of early morning classes: Early morning classes have a negative effect on student learning or achievement. The study accounted for other factors, such as faculty grading styles, student interest.

• Recent trend toward classes meeting for longer periods on two days per week versus the more traditional 3-4 class meetings per week for shorter time periods. Conclusion: There is no statistical difference in students' learning between the two-day model or 3-4 day model.

• Effect of female students having a female faculty member as their first instructor. Conclusion: Female students who take their first course from a female instructor are more likely to declare a major in that field.

• Do public or private colleges have more per-student endowment or charitable donations? Small private colleges tend to have more per-student endowment or charitable donations. Students-turned-alumni tend to give back more at small colleges versus large universities.