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101 E. Seminary St.
Greencastle, IN, 46135-0037
(765) 658-4286

Steven A. Bogaerts

Computer Science

Assistant professor of computer science


Computer science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Parallelism, Computer programming


Steven Bogaerts focuses his research on Artificial Intelligence and parallelism, a form of computing in which multiple calculations are done at the same time. He recently conducted – with a student – a summer research project on parallelism that involved studying artificial neural networks. Bogaerts has done other work, written book chapters and journal articles about introducing parallelism into the college curriculum in introductory courses. It is unusual to teach parallelism to students in introductory courses; that concept has mostly been included only in upperclass courses. Bogaerts was an early proponent of introducing parallelism early in the college curriculum.

Bogaerts teaches courses on Web programming/development, including cybersecurity; data structures, computer programming and foundations of computing.