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Valarie Ziegler

Religious Studies

Professor of Religious Studies


Religion, Religion in America, Christianity, Adam and Eve, Biblical characters, Mother's Day, History of Christianity, Religion in American culture, Religion in pop culture, Biblical manhood and womanhood, Peace activism, Role of religion related to dating websites, Christian discipline (girls as princesses)


Valarie Ziegler is author of four books: (1) The Advocates of Peace in Antebellum America, (2) Eve and Adam: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Readings on Genesis and Gender, (3) Diva Julia: The Public Romance and Private Agony of Julia Wad Howe, and (4) Enticed by Eden: How American Culture Uses, Confuses (and sometimes Abuses) Adam and Eve. Julia Ward Howe, subject of one of Ziegler's books, established the Mother's Day tradition.

Ziegler also does work on the fan culture surrounding the 1967-68 TV series, "The Prisoner," which developed a cult following. She has taught a Winter Term class at DePauw about The Prisoner, and she took a Winter Term class to the series' filming location in Wales in 2009. (The filming site is actually a resort where visitors can stay in cottages featured in the TV series.) Ziegler is a member of The Prisoner (television show) Appreciation Society, a.k.a. Six of One.