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NAGPRA Compliance

DePauw University makes available a complete inventory of objects affected by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) of 1990. The NAGPRA database, along with a complete listing of DePauw's inventory, can be found online in the NPS's "Summaries Database" system: https://grantsdev.cr.nps.gov/Nagpra/Summaries/default.cfm

Click here to access the Summaries Database.

"NAGPRA required museums and Federal agencies to complete an item-by-item inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects owned or possessed by them. The deadline for preparation of these museum and agency inventories has long passed. These inventories include information about where the remains and objects came from, their cultural affiliation, if known, and information about how and when each item was acquired by the museum or agency.

In the case of unassociated funerary objects, sacred objects and cultural patrimony, museums and agencies were required to provide a summary of these items and not an object-by-object inventory. The summaries provide general information about the kinds of objects held by the museum or agency, where they were, their cultural affiliation and how and when obtained. Museums and agencies have an on-going obligation to consult with Native American governmental and traditional leaders about the objects included in these summaries."

*Text supplied by AAIA: http://www.indian-affairs.org/nagpra-compliance.html