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doll sitting on a bed reading a newspaper while in a room cluttered with many objects

Misako Reading, 2022

Christie Anderson: A Journey in Miniature
January 29 - June 30, 2024
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (upper level)

My works deal with creating miniature environments  in 1/6th scale that my dolls, who are approximately 11-1/2 inches, can interact. Slightly cluttered, with numerous 1/6th scale miniatures either sitting on bookshelves, gathered in piles on the floor, are tossed around the room, my dolls are immersed in rooms (dioramas) that reflect another world that invites the viewers to be a part of.

During covid, the dioramas became a form of escapism, where viewers could pretend to shop in the konbini (convenience store), enjoy having friends over and playing in the kawaii bedroom, crafting in the pastel hobby room, or relaxing outside in the forest. The environments invite viewers into another world and my dolls are the tour guides.

In creating my dioramas, I use a variety of materials including wood, plastic, paper, and mass produced miniatures from different companies. I’m usually asked where I find my miniatures and my response is “Everywhere.” No matter where I’m located, my mind thinks, “that would be good for my dolls’ room” or “I could use that for a diorama.”

I invite viewers to immerse themselves into my miniature dioramas and take a break from the stresses of their everyday lives.

To view the exhibition virtually, go here

Please see the pdf below to enlarge the introductory panel and labels in the exhibit.

You can learn more about Christie and her work on her instagram account or scan the QR code.

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