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(Image not shown due to copyright protection by the Warhol Foundation)

Andy Warhol
Keith Haring, 1980-1986
Silver gelatin photograph
© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Does Pop Culture Belong In A Museum?
Andy Warhol is famous for his stark painting, photographs and prints. He was pushed to the forefront of the New York City Pop Art movement in the early 1960s for his satirically emotionless approach to art. This photograph is evidence of Warhol and Haring’s personal and creative collaborations.

Keith Haring rose to fame from the New York City subways, where he gained recognition from local commuters who noticed his simplified graphic murals. The pair believed as many people should be able to see and experience their artwork as possible, driving the international commercial success of their artworks.

Questions for the viewer(s):
How might putting art in museums make it more accessible to the public?

How might museums restrict public exposure to art?

What makes this photograph more worthy of being displayed in a museum than the last selfie you took?