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People sitting at a table that has plates with oranges and donuts will writing on a table covered with brownish paper

Queer Crip Craft Library Organized by Betsy Redelman Diaz
October 31 - December 9, 2022
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery 

Queer crip craft library is an accessible, intersectional living archive and performance space. Activated by books, zines, spoons, sculpture, comfortable seating, poetry, and conversation, the library is a space for reading, making, play, research, and critical dialogue at the intersections of queer crip craft theories and experiences.

Please check "2022 Events" for exhibition performances and workshops.

Queer Crip Craft Library Guide QR code and link:  https://libguides.depauw.edu/queercripcraft

black and white QR code of the Queer Crip Craft Library guide