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Laura Mongiovi installation photo of six light blue objects on pedestals and the wall

Sea, Land, Sky
August 28 - October 13, 2023

Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

Sea, Land and Sky is a collection of works that explore various histories such as the use of star charting and mapping to discover new lands, the cultivation of land under enslaved labor and the uncovering of geographical landscapes and objects. An indigo dyed linen fish net is incorporated into a sculpture, representing the Menorcan culture who harvested indigo on the east coast. Mongiovi learned how to weave the net from a Menorcan ancestor. An alcove installation pushes the boundaries of perception with a play of shadows and mirrors. Intricate handstitched textiles and drawings on tracing paper visually communicate time and space. The exhibition relies on quiet moments of investigation to reveal stories. Mongiovi extends these visual contemplations with the titling of work from poems written by bell hooks and other national/international poets. Poet and scientist Ben Atkinson’s words are spread throughout the gallery to lead the viewer on a journey of discovery while raising awareness of our current state of climate change, culminating our relationship with the sea, land and sky.  

Laura Mongiovi is a Professor of Art and Design at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

To view the exhibition virtually, go here.