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Lactation Accommodation Policy

DePauw University values a family-friendly environment for its employees, students and the community at large. To that end, the University strives to provide programs and services to assist employees to achieve a better work-life balance. The University recognizes the benefits of breastfeeding and supports the practice of breastfeeding, accommodates breastfeeding needs of employees, and provides adequate facilities for the expression of milk for the employee’s child in accordance with Indiana law (IC 22-2-14-2) and as described below.

  1. Lactation Accommodation Requests
    1. Any employee who wishes to breastfeed or express milk in the workplace shall notify her supervisor and discuss any relevant workload or scheduling issues.
    2. Supervisors who receive a lactation accommodation request shall do the following:
      1. Review available space in the department and provide appropriate nearby space, as described below, for lactation. If the supervisor is unable to locate appropriate space to meet the employee’s needs, the Office of Human Resources should be contacted for advice and assistance.
      2. Assure there is a convenient cold storage facility for keeping milk that has been expressed until the end of the workday. If a departmental refrigerator is provided, the employee must ensure that containers are well marked. If a refrigerator is not available, refer the employee to the Office of Human Resources who will assist the employee in securing a compact refrigerator for use during work hours.
      3. Familiarize themselves with this policy, as well as several other relevant policies; questions can be directed to the Office of Human Resources. As part of the mandatory new supervisor orientation, this policy, as well as several other policies will be reviewed and discussed.
  2. Lactation Breaks
    1. The required time needed for lactation breaks is impacted by individual needs and the proximity of a reasonable space for lactation. In general, approximately 30 minutes, 3 times per day, is needed. Lactation breaks should, if possible, run concurrently with any break time already provided to the employee.
    2. For non-exempt employees, in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, breaks of less than thirty (30) minutes are considered paid time. Supervisors are expected to grant reasonable flex time scheduling to accommodate lactation needs and still allow for business needs to be accomplished.
  3. Lactation Facilities
    1. Appropriate private space shall be provided with reasonable efforts made for the lactation to be in close proximity to the nursing mother’s work area.
    2. The location may be the place where the nursing mother normally works if there is adequate privacy with a closable and lockable door (e.g., the employee’s private office or a conference room that can be secured). The location must have good lighting and an electrical outlet.
    3. The location must be clean, well ventilated, have a suitable/comfortable chair, and available table space.
    4. The location should have access nearby to a clean, safe water source.
    5. Areas such as restrooms, closets or storage areas are not acceptable spaces for lactation purposes.

      Currently the Women’s Center is a designated lactation facility. Other additional spaces as they are identified will be listed on the Human Resources webpage.
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