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Employee Title IX Policy - Annual Review

XVII. Annual Review

This Policy reflects the University’s good faith efforts to implement the newly-promulgated legal requirements under the Title IX regulations issued in May 2020, to synthesize those regulations with other Federal law, including the Clery Act, and with state law applicable to students and Employees.  The University reserves the right to modify this Policy and the accompanying procedures as necessary to comply with Federal or state law, and such modifications may be made before or during an ongoing resolution process.

Given the rapidly evolving nature of the legal requirements applicable to sexual misconduct, and the desire to provide accessible, effective, and legally compliant policies and procedures, the University will review this Policy on at least an annual basis.  The review will capture evolving legal requirements, evaluate the supports and resources available to the parties, and assess the effectiveness of the resolution process (including as to the fairness of the process, the time needed to complete the process, and the sanctions and remedies imposed).  The review will consider feedback from individuals affected by the Policy and will incorporate an aggregate view of reports, resolution, and climate.