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Employee Title IX Policy - Disciplinary Actions

XII. Disciplinary Actions

If the Respondent is found to be responsible for a violation of the Policy, the Decision Panel shall determine disciplinary action to be imposed by the University, including whether the discipline will be recorded in the Respondent’s employee file in Human Resources, in their Academic Affairs file (as applicable), or both. Disciplinary action can range from written warning up to termination of employment. Any disciplinary level may also include completion of assigned educational requirements and counseling. Supportive Measures, including no-contact directives, no trespass orders and changes to job schedules or conditions, may also be implemented upon a finding of responsibility.

In determining the appropriate disciplinary action, the Decision Panel shall consider the following factors: the nature and violence of the conduct at issue; the impact of the conduct on the Complainant; the impact or implications of the conduct on the community or the University; prior misconduct by the Respondent, including the Respondent’s relevant prior discipline history, both at the University or elsewhere (if available), including criminal convictions; whether the Respondent has accepted responsibility for the conduct; maintenance of a safe and respectful environment conducive to living, learning, and working; protection of the University community; and, any other mitigating, aggravating, or compelling circumstances in order to reach a just and appropriate resolution in each case.

Disciplinary action may be imposed individually or in combination.

Disciplinary Action for All Employees: 

Counseling: Discussion with the Employee of the prohibited conduct.

Verbal Warning: A verbal discussion with an Employee about an Employee’s failure to comply with this Policy.  Human Resources will document that the meeting occurred, the subject of the meeting and the outcome of the meeting and will submit the documentation to the Employee’s file.

Written Warning: Documentation of a violation of this Policy. Documentation goes to the Employee’s file in Human Resources.

Final Warning: Documentation clearly stating that any additional violations of University Policy will be likely to result in termination which is issued to the Employee and filed in the Employee’s file in Human Resources.

Suspension: Removal of an Employee from their position for a period of time, either with or without pay. Suspensions must be documented to the Employee’s file in Human Resources. Salaried Employees can only be suspended for a full day of work and can be suspended only in instances of severe or gross misconduct.

Termination of Employment: Removal of the Employee from their status as an active Employee of the University.

Additional Disciplinary Action for Faculty:

Lesser Sanctions:  Lesser sanctions as defined in the Academic Handbook may be imposed.  These sanctions may be temporary or permanent.