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Employee Title IX Policy - Title IX Records

XV. Title IX Records

Record Retention

An Employee’s file related to the Employee Title IX Policy, including but not limited to any Supportive Measures, investigation, formal hearing, appeal, informal resolution, and remedies will be maintained for seven (7) years, after which records are archived and cannot be accessed for reporting.

Release of Information and Notification:

  1. The Associate Vice President of Human Resources or designee is responsible for the release of any information relating to Employee Title IX cases.

  2. Names of Employees being investigated for violations of the Employee Title IX Policy will not be released.

  3. Employers and representatives of undergraduate and/or graduate/professional schools will be informed of all Employee Title IX Policy violations resulting in a disciplinary action of final warning or higher if information is requested and a release has been signed by the employee, according to the record retention policy above.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:

Access to records and release of information and notification shall be construed and applied in a manner consistent with the requirements of employment laws and regulations as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as amended from time to time, including parental notification and participation in Title IX or University Processes where the Complainant is a minor.  The University will keep confidential the identity of any individual who has disclosed prohibited conduct, any Complainant, any Respondent, and any Witness, except as may be permitted by the FERPA statute, regulations or as required by law (including by subpoena, court order, or search warrant), or to carry out the conduct of any Title IX Process.